Store Detectives and Retail officers

Golden Crown Security can provide you temporary or permanent staff.

We specialise in supplying professionally trained retail guards and store detectives. Our security officers can act as deterrents or assist with covert operations.

Our store detectives are employed to prevent shoplifting. They often work as part of a team of security officers in boutiques, department stores and retail complexes.

Our staff are SITO trained and have the essential observation skills which this job requires.

They also have the ability to assess an impending situation and alert the appropriate staff to ensure that the store and its customers are protected from unwanted disruption.

Our aim is to satisfy you by providing trained operatives who can also help you to reassess the security of your premises an make relevant changes to reduce shop-lifting, burglary, and prevent incidents.
Securing Retail sites

Theft and shoplifting in stores, malls and boutiques is on the rise. We have specially trained security officers who can help with reducing and deterring anti-social behaviour in retail outlets and department stores.

We can optimise the security of your premises and your staff with our trained security officers.

We will lock and unlock your premises, respond to alarms, patrol your premises with security guard dogs, carry out surveillance and monitor activities in your retail stores to prevent theft.